Main Street Electrical Parade is back for its 50th Anniversary!

The Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland is now back in all its glory, but with some new friends on the floats from Pixar like Moana, Miguel from Coco, and Merida to name a few!

You will get to enjoy wonderful floats that sparkle and shine and music that will leave you feeling like a kid again! It’s family fun you won’t want to miss. We at Disney Finds caught all of the action live via our Instagram page to bring you all of the magic (in case you were unable to make it). Although we highly recommend attending in person if you can.

Make sure to stay seated along the parade route, as we later found out that some people were unable to view this show because they were far off the path and that they had waited for hours! You don’t want to make that mistake. Viewing areas include sitting on the curbs on Main Street of course, the Central Plaza moving up towards Fantasyland (by the Matterhorn), and Small World Promenade.

Electrical Parade Route

When we watched it live, people had been camping out since 5:30 pm and the show was scheduled to start at 8:30 pm so be aware to do your best to snag a spot as seating is definitely limited! Show times are scheduled at the time of this publishing at 8:30 pm and again at 10:45 pm. You must have a valid reservation to enter Disneyland Park and please note that viewing times and dates are subject to change without notice so be sure to look at Disneyland Parks Entertainment schedule linked here.

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