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How Get Away Today can save you time and money on your Disney Dream Vacation

Get Away Today is a verified theme park partner and this travel agency helps you to save both time and money to make the most out of your Disney Dream Vacation at the Disney Parks as well as Disney Cruises and other travel destinations!

You can choose to solely purchase tickets for entry or can purchase a vacation bundle package if you plan on spending more time to enjoy in the Disneyland Park and/or Disneyland California Adventure Park. At checkout use my code ANGIE10 for extra savings! Get Away Today has flexible payment options that are interest free to allow you to focus more on planning out your magical experience for your next dream vacation with Disney. You start with $200 as the initial first payment to secure your package and can pay as you go on a layaway plan and the final payment being due 7 days before your trip. Yes it’s that easy!

If you should decide to use the layaway plan note that there is a $99 non refundable fee. Tickets will not be distributable until you have completed your payment in full. 

Vacation packages range from two to five days. The more days you plan for your vacation the lower the prices to help you save! For tickets into the Disneyland park and California Adventure Park you can select from a one day ticket to a park hopper ticket that allows you to visit both parks in a single visit. Browse your ticket options here for your Disney Dream Vacation!

You can also select a bundle that includes the purchase of the Disney Genie + to maximize your Disney trip and skip the lines. To read more in depth details about how the Disney Genie + can help you, check out our other article here: 

READ: Is the Genie Plus service Worth it?

I am so excited about being able to offer you discount code to help you with savings! As previously mentioned use my code ANGIE10 at checkout. Be sure to subscribe here with your email to get the latest news/updates for Disney travel, merchandise and more! Hope to see you around in the parks Mouseketeer!

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