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How to prepare for rainy weather at the Disney Parks

When you plan a trip to the Disney Parks, the last thing you want is for your experience to be ruined by bad weather or what Disney calls “inclement weather”. Unfortunately, even the Happiest Place on Earth isn’t immune to rain. But don’t let a few drops dampen your spirits – with some planning and preparation, you can still have a magical time at the Disney Parks during the rainy season. Here I’ll share some tips on how to navigate the parks in the rain and make the most of your Disney vacation, rain or shine.

What should I take with me during the rainy season at Disneyland?

First things first – make sure you pack the right gear appropriately for the rainy weather. A raincoat or poncho is a must, as well as waterproof shoes or boots. Don’t forget an umbrella or two, especially if you’re traveling with kids who might need some extra protection from the rain. I would suggest umbrellas that are small and can retract as you’ll be carrying them with you throughout your day and will be getting on many attractions. I also suggest bringing an extra change of clothes, just in case you get too wet and need to switch into something dry. Extra socks are a must if you don’t take any rain boots!

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Will all the rides/attractions be available during the rainy season?

When it’s raining outside, the best place to be is indoors. With that said, unfortunately not all of Disney’s attractions will be open. However there are plenty of indoor attractions to keep you and your loved ones entertained, from classic rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain and more! Be sure to check on Disney’s mobile app to see which attractions are indoors and plan your day accordingly.

Is it worth purchasing the Disney Genie+ at Disneyland?

There are many factors to consider when determining whether purchasing the Disney Genie+ is the right choice for you. The benefits to consider when getting this added on service is that it will allow you to reserve a spot in line for select attractions, reducing your wait time and allowing you to experience more attractions during your visit. When it’s raining, the lines for indoor attractions can get even longer, so having a Disney Genie+ reservation can be a real lifesaver (especially if you are visiting with little ones). What loses the appeal for many guests is the cost. You must purchase a Disney Genie+ for every single person in your party! If you want to learn more in depth about how the Disney Genie+ works then read about it here where you will also get a chance to save on Disney tickets and hotel stays!

Will I still have a good time visiting the Disney Parks during the rain or should I just cancel and reschedule?

If you can’t beat the rain, join it! Sometimes things happen and the weather may not be optimal. So my suggestion is to check your weather app in advance to determine if you can and would like to cancel and reschedule. However I will say that the Disney Parks are magical in any weather, and the rain can actually add a unique ambiance to the parks.

Put on your raincoat and go for a stroll around the park – you might discover a hidden gem or a new favorite spot that you would have missed if you had stayed indoors. Plus, the crowds tend to thin out when it’s raining, so you might find that you have more room to explore and enjoy the parks.

With a little bit of preparation and a positive attitude, you can still have a magical time at the Disney Parks during the rainy season. Pack the right gear, plan for indoor attractions, take advantage of Disney Genie+, embrace the rain, and stay dry and comfortable! By following these tips, you’ll be able to experience the magic of Disney no matter what the weather brings.

Safe travels and hope to see you at Disney!

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