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Disneyland Magic Band Plus: What you need to know before you buy

What is the Disney Magic Band Plus and what does it do?

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The Disneyland Magic Band Plus is Disney’s most recent version of wearable technology and will be a must-have for people who frequently visit the Disneyland parks. It is a wristband loaded with all kinds of fun and useful features that will be available on October 26th to the general public, and on October 19th to Magic Key holders, Disneyland Cast Members, and Disneyland Vacation Club members.

The Magic Band Plus comes in many unique and fun designs including the Disney castle, princess theme, Spider Man theme, and many many others!

What is the Disneyland Magic Band Plus used for?

Once you connect your Magic Band Plus to your mobile Disneyland app account, you will have access to the following useful features:

Hands free park entry

You no longer need to open your Disneyland app, and wait for the ticket screen to load to scan the bar code (which can sometimes be inconveniently long depending on your connection). Instead, you’ll be able to scan your Magic Band Plus that will already be linked to your account and you can confirm your park reservation with the flash of your wrist.

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Lightning Lane Entry

Just like with the park entry, you’ll be able to scan your Magic Band Plus right there at the Lightning Lane kiosks instead of quickly and clumsily fumbling with your phone to get your Lightning Lane bar code up and running. Just scan your wrist band and you’re in!

Link your Disneyland photo pass

Say goodbye to scanning the Disneyland photo pass barcodes in order to get your photos to sync up. Now you’ll be able to use your Magic Band Plus!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Batuu Bounty Hunter Game

One of the cool features you’ll be able to utilize with the Magic Band Plus is the Galaxy’s Edge Batuu Bounty Hunter game! Go to the Black Spire Outpost area at Galaxy’s Edge and scan your Magic Band Plus at the kiosk and you’ll be assigned a bounty where you will have to find your target in the area. The magic band will glow red if you’re headed in the wrong direction and green if you’re headed the right way. Once you get to your target, your Magic Band Plus will vibrate slightly and glow purple. Return your bounty to collect your galactic credits and continue your quest!

Magic Band Plus and Disneyland Nighttime Spectaculars

As if the Magic Band Plus wasn’t cool enough, you’ll want to stay for either World of Color in Disneyland California Adventure Park or Fantasmic in Disneyland for something really special. Your Magic Band Plus will glow, shine, and pulse with color in sync with the music of the nighttime spectaculars!

Where can you get the Disneyland Magic Band Plus?

When they Disneyland Magic Band Plus becomes available, you will be able to purchase it in one of three locations:

Disneyland Park – Starcade

Disneyland California Adventure – Super Store featuring Avengers Campus

Downtown Disney District – The building next to Star Wars Trading Post.

Mark your calendars for October 26th to get your Magic Band Plus or October 19th if you are a Magic Key holder, a Disneyland Cast Member, or a Disney Vacation Club member. Remember that in order to enter the Disneyland parks, you will need a valid reservation. For more information about cool things happening at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure Parks, subscribe here on DisneyFinds.com!

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