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Disneyland to Offer Alcoholic Beverages at Carnation Café, River Belle Terrace, & Café Orleans on September 12th, 2023

Disneyland has always been a place for families to enjoy the magic but now it seems that Disney has now decided to focus more of its attention on the adults because Disney announced on their twitter account some interesting news! Starting September 12th, Disney will be now be serving within its three dining establishments in Disneyland alcoholic beverages. The locations include Carnation Café, River Belle Terrace, and Café Orleans – will be offering “wine, beer, specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages” alongside their already delicious menus.

Disney’s History of serving alcohol in its Disney Parks

Traditionally Disneyland has made it a point to not serve alcohol in its park but this changed in 2019 according to WDW magazine. When Galaxy’s Edge was introduced to Disneyland this was when guests were given a bar known as Oga’s Cantina where items for purchase included snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Later in 2021, according to WDW alcohol was next offered in the restaurant of the Blue Bayou located right next to the Pieces of Eight souvenir shop in New Orleans Square. However in order to be able to purchase any of the alcoholic beverages at any of these locations, guests would need to have either reservations or join a virtual queue standby line. One last location to purchase alcohol that has been said to serve alcohol is the famous Club 33.

Why is Disney expanding their offerings of alcoholic beverages at the Disney Parks?

I believe Disney’s reasoning for not offering their guests alcoholic beverages as an option in the past had been in large part to their desire for maintaining its family-friendly atmosphere. However, with evolving times and visitor preferences now, Disney may be thinking this change would lead to an increase in guest satisfaction and profits. Disney California Adventure Park itself has been offering alcoholic beverages in many different locations such as the Lamplight Lounge over in Pixar Pier, at the dining restaurant of Wine Country Trattoria and the Magic Key Terrace for those guests who hold an annual pass known as the magic key so it makes sense to me that this choice was made. Whether or not guests will be happy about this change is another story.

Carnation Café in Main Street U.S.A

I personally love eating at the Carnation Cafe for breakfast because of their huge Mickey Waffles and of course they do offer lunch and dinner options. I am curious as to what their alcoholic beverage selections will include here but one of my guesses is seeing Mimosas potentially offered. There is no set menu list yet that has been announced by Disney.

River Belle Terrace in Frontierland

Famous for its scenic views and Southern-inspired cuisine, River Belle Terrace I can see many people enjoying the beautiful views of the Rivers of America and the Mark Twain Riverboat passing by while enjoying their meals paired with a drink. I can imagine that speciality drinks may be offered here themed to the land.

Café Orleans in New Orleans Square

Cafe Orleans is known for offering delectable Creole cuisine, and my guess here is that they may do a limited time alcoholic beverage to celebrate Princess Tiana in the future.

The Impact on Disneyland Experience

The decision to serve alcoholic beverages at Carnation Café, River Belle Terrace, and Café Orleans may be seen by those in charge as aligned with Disneyland’s commitment to constantly evolve and adapt to the changing demands of its diverse audience. It is worth mentioning that responsible alcohol consumption is of utmost importance here, and I foresee Disney continuing to uphold their policies related to this in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests.

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