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Disneyland’s Magic Key Passes on Sale Starting January 10, 2024! 

Hey Disney besties! Get ready to make your dreams come true because the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Disneyland has officially announced the sale of Magic Key Passes starting January 10, 2024, kicking off at 9 am PST! The magic is about to unfold, and you won’t want to miss out on the chance to experience the enchantment of the happiest place on earth!

What’s the Buzz About Magic Keys? 🗝️

First things first, let’s dive into what these keys are all about. Disney is offering all of their four enchanting tiers: Inspire, Believe, Enchant, and Imagine Keys, each unlocking a world of possibilities to visit the happiest place on earth – Disneyland!

Benefits of Having a Magic Key Pass

Owning a Magic Key pass comes with a host of benefits! Enjoy special discounts, exclusive events, and the flexibility to visit Disneyland when the magic is calling you. But keep in mind each tiered pass has its limits and restrictions so lets dive into this information so you can plan ahead and snag your magic key!

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What You Need to Know Before the Magic Unlocks 🧚

Before you hit that purchase button, here are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Pass Types: Understand the differences between the pass types – Inspire, Believe, Enchant, and Imagine 

🔑 General Summary of the Differences Between Pass Types:

  • Inspire: Ideal for weekday magic.
  • Believe: Perfect for a mix of weekdays and weekends.
  • Enchant: Enjoy more flexibility with fewer blockout dates.
  • Imagine: Experience the ultimate magic with no blockout dates.

Here is a picture with the fine print with the breakdown details for each pass type if you want a chart

Upgrade Your Adventure- Turn your Park Ticket into a Magic Key Pass

Already have park tickets? Good news! Upgrade them to a Magic Key pass if available. Just note that the price difference must be paid in full during the upgrade, and your pass’s expiration date remains the same as the original purchase.

Navigating the Process 🗺️

For potential Magic Key holders, here’s a heads-up:

  • Online Account Creation: A must-do! Create an online account with Disney to facilitate your magical journey – it’s the key to unlocking the wonders.
  • Maximum 10 Passes: There’s a limit of 10 passes per individual, ensuring everyone gets a fair share of the magic.
  • Waiting Room Opens at 8:45 am PST: Get ready early! The waiting room opens at 8:45 am PST, with sales starting at 9 am PST. But being in line doesn’t guarantee a pass. The passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable, and Disney advises against multiple people in your party purchasing passes.
  • California Residents Monthly Payment Plans: Only California residents have the option for monthly payment plans. It’s a little extra sprinkle of magic for our locals!

Be prepared to wait to upgrade your tickets to a Magic Key Pass if you’re in the Disney Parks

Make sure to be patient as you might experience long wait times at the ticket booths in Disneyland to upgrade your park tickets to a magic key pass and I ask for you to please treat the cast members with kindness and respect

Magic Key Terms and Conditions and Policies

For more specific terms and conditions and policies regarding the Magic head over to the Disneyland website as they may revise/update or change them at any time. 

For real-time updates and insider tips, follow @angiesmagicalstyle for all your Disney news, travel, and lifestyle needs. Don’t miss your chance – mark your calendar for January 10, 2024, and secure your Disney Magic Key pass to create enchanting memories that will last a lifetime!

Race you to the castle, fellow Disney besties! ✨

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