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Ultimate Disneyland Packing List 2023

What you can and can't bring to Disneyland

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park are one of the most magical theme parks in Southern California (and the world) and in order to get the most out of your visit, you’ll want to be in compliance with their rules. Like any theme park, the Disneyland resort has it’s own set dos and don’ts when it comes to the things you can bring, and things you should leave at home or at your hotel room. Before entering the parks on your Disneyland vacation, you are required to go through a routine security check to make sure you aren’t bringing any unauthorized items into the park. No weapons, no alcohol, no drugs of course, but there is quite a hefty list of other things as well. In this blog post, I’ll be explaining everything you need to know so you don’t accidentally bring something you’re not supposed to bring, and get stopped at the security checkpoint. This is the ultimate Disney packing list, updated for 2023. Let’s dive right in.

Things you CAN’T bring to the Disneyland parks

Below is a comprehensive list of everything you are NOT allowed to bring into the Disneyland park. There are no exception. If you get caught sneaking any of these things into the park, you could risk getting banned from the park entirely. Worse, you can face legal penalties. Make sure you don’t have any of the following items with you as you approach the security checkpoint before the main entrance.

Suitcases and Luggage – If you’re just coming in from LAX and you have your suitcase and luggage with you, you’re going to want to have it checked in at a hotel or leave it somewhere else. Suitcases and luggage bags are not allowed at the Disneyland parks. There are lockers available in the parks for extra storage but as for taking the storage containers with you, that’s a no-go. Besides, do you really want to spend 10 hours lugging around a huge box? Probably not.

Folding Chairs – Oh if only! Though they would be useful for waiting in the long lines or waiting for a parade to start, unfortunately, Disneyland doesn’t allow folding chairs to into their parks.

Costume Masks – Just like any other public place, you’re not allowed to wear costume masks that cover your face and hide your identity or appearance. Cloth masks intended to protect against the spread of germs is ok though.

Skateboards – Though it may make life a lot easier and a lot more convenient to fly around through the parks on a skateboard, they’re on the no-go list. They would be dangerous in such crowded areas. Keep the skateboard at home.

2 wheeled vehicles like hoverboards or Segways – Similar to the skateboard situation, you’re not allowed to bring any motorized vehicles into the Disney parks.

Scooters – Same goes for non-motorized vehicles. Leave your scooters at home. Disneyland does not want anyone scooting around on scooters.

Roller Blades or Roller Skates – No roller skating around either. Though you may be able to get around pretty fast that way, Disneyland doesn’t want anyone wearing roller skates or roller blades.

Dont bring roller skates or roller blades to the Disney Parks
Don’t bring roller skates or roller blades to the Disney Parks

Bicycles – You probably the idea by now. No bicycles at the park.

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Wrapped Gifts – If you’re giving someone special a gift at Disneyland, it would be a good idea to keep that gift unwrapped. If anything, you can have it in your backpacks or fanny packs but make sure it’s easily accessible for a security check. Security tends to frown on bringing items which they are unable to identify.

Pepper Spray – Though it’s often used in self-defense and is generally good to carry with you on the street, it’s not allowed in the parks. It’s technically a weapon and Mickey Mouse may not want someone pepper spraying someone else while in line for the tea cups. Leave it at your hotel room.

Matches or Lighters – Disneyland doesn’t want you to be able to start fires in Disneyland. Carrying a lighter or matches with you increases the chances of that happening so you’re going to want to leave those at home.

Don't bring lighters to Disneyland
Don’t bring lighters to Disneyland

Restraining devices like handcuffs or zip ties – Disneyland does not want you to bring handcuffs or any other restraining devices into the parks. This can be dangerous and could pose safety risks to the park guests if handled incorrectly or irresponsibly. Leave the restraining devices to the park security.

Shopping Baskets – It would be nice to be able to browse World of Disney with your own shopping cart of basket but due to security risks and theft-prevention, Disney has it on their no-go list. Even collapsible shopping bags. Leave them at home.

Wagons – Look, if you feel like you’re bringing so many items into the park where you feel like you need a wagon to lug it all around, perhaps you’re bringing too many things. For that reason, Disneyland doesn’t allow wagons.

Coolers – As you’ll see in the section below about things you can bring into the park, you’re able to bring your own food, water, and snacks. However you’re not allowed to bring your own coolers of any size into the park for food and beverage temperature control. Exceptions might be made for medical reasons but you will want to check with guest services first.

Dry ice or Loose Ice – Don’t bring dry ice to Disneyland. There’s no reason to and you’re not allowed to. Don’t bring giant bags of ice on your Disneyland trip either. You can have some ice in your water bottles but that’s the extent of it.

Glass Bottles or Glass Containers – Glass can break and can turn into viscously sharp objects. For that reason, Disneyland does not want glass containers of any kind brought into their parks. The only exception is baby food containers, medicine or small perfume bottles (under 4 oz).

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Alcohol – Don’t bring alcohol into the park. If you want an alcoholic beverage while at the park, there are a few restaurants that serve alcohol such as the Carthay Circle, Alfresco Tasting Terrace, Pym Tasting Lab, Sonoma Terrace, Hollywood Lounge, Mendocino Terrace, Bayside Brews, Rita’s Baja Blenders, Pacific Wharf Distribution Co., Paradise Garden Grill, and Lamplight Lounge in California Adventure, and Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars land), the Blue Bayou, and (if you’re really rolling in it) Club 33 in Disneyland. So yes, there are definitely options out there at sit down dining and quick service restaurants.

Cigarettes / Cigars / Vapes / E-cigarettes – No smoking at Disneyland. It’s not healthy, it’s not good for you, and it makes other guests uncomfortable. Disneyland makes it a point to be a strictly smoke free environment.

Don't bring selfie sticks to the Disney parks
Don’t bring selfie sticks to the Disney parks

Selfie Sticks – Because they can be a disturbance to others around you, Disneyland does not want people bringing selfie sticks. They can get in the way, they take up a lot of space, and they can be devastating if extended while on a ride. You’re better off asking someone else to take a picture of you from a few feet away.

Remote Controlled Toys – They may be cool but they could pose as a safety risk to Disneyland guests. For that reason, you shouldn’t bring any remote controlled toys.

Drones – It’s no secret that drones can get some amazing camera and video footage. Unfortunately for content creators out there, you’re not allowed to bring drones into the Disneyland parks. You are also not allowed to fly a drone into the parks from the outside. Don’t try it because the police and security have very strict rules on this and you will get caught – and no awesome Disneyland drone video footage is worth potentially losing your drone and getting in legal trouble.

You can't bring drones to Disneyland. Leave your drones at home.
You can’t bring drones to Disneyland. Leave your drones at home.

Laser Pointers – Laser pointers are forbidden at Disneyland as they can pose a safety risk to guests. They may be fun to play with at home but Disneyland is quite strict about their laser pointer policy.

Sling Shots – Why is this on the list? Because someone brought a slight shot to Disneyland and hurt someone. Therefore Disney enacted a strict anti-slingshot rule.

Cremated Remains – This one is important. There are many people whose loved ones have passed away – loved ones who loved Disneyland and everything about it – and people may want to scatter their ashes somewhere in Disneyland so their memory can live on. DO NOT DO THAT. Disneyland is very strict about this and you can risk being banned for life from Disneyland. It’s not worth it. Also, all water in the parks get filtered through a pump and all pathways get cleaned by maintenance. You don’t want your loved one’s remains to end up in a trash bin or stuck in some water filtration system.

Air horns or megaphones – Your Disney trip may be of a celebratory nature but this is no reason to bring air horns or megaphones. Please refrain from bringing any noise generating devices to the parks. This will be turned away immediately if seen at the security checkpoint.

Tri-Pods that extend more than 6 feet – Tripods or monopod stands that cannot fit inside a standard backpack or that extend over 6 feet are not allowed in any theme park. Generally speaking, tripods are ok but only the smaller ones.

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Items with spikes like purses, bracelets, wallets – They may be stylish, cool, and trendy, but if they can used as a weapon to impale someone if you hit them hard enough with it, it’s considered a weapon and Disneyland frowns upon that.

Musical Instruments – Unless you’re in one of the marching bands at Disneyland, please leave your musical instruments at home.

Don't bring musical instruments to Disneyland
Don’t bring musical instruments to Disneyland

Portable Speakers – Don’t bring any portable or Bluetooth speakers to Disneyland. These will be disturbances to the guests and aren’t allowed.

Pots and Pans – Not sure why you’d want to bring pots and pans to the Disneyland parks to begin with but people may have their reasons. Regardless of their reasons though, you are not allowed to bring pots and pans to Disneyland.

Fire Extinguishers – Safety is important and it’s always smart to have a fire extinguisher where you work and where you live. Luckily for you, Disneyland is full of fire extinguishers. No need to bring your own.

Weapons – No guns, knives, pepper spray, tasers, blunt objects that can be used as weapons, or flame throwers. The only “weapons” you’re allowed to have are the laser guns on Astro Blaster, the little ring gun thing from Midway Mania, and perhaps the foam swords you’re able to buy from the gift shops.

Things you CAN bring to the Disneyland parks

The list of things you can bring to Disneyland is useful as well. Who knows? You may check this list and even get some ideas of things that you can bring because this can also double as a Disneyland packing list!

Strollers – Strollers are allowed at the parks. If you have infants or babies, there’s no better way to bring them around the park than in a stroller. Furthermore, you can use a stroller to store some of your belongings as well. There are stroller “parking” areas at Disneyland and California Adventure as well.

Autograph Book – Want to get the autograph of Mickey Mouse, a Disney princess, and the rest of your favorite characters? Feel free to bring an autograph book! No rule against that. If you have little ones with you, you could make a wonderful core memory that will stick with them forever.

Fanny Pack – You may have thought they went out of style in 1999 but make no mistake – fanny packs are a godsend when it comes to carrying your belonging such as credit card, phones, keys, park ticket, other important things and essential items at the Disney parks. It’s a great way to keep all your stuff safe for those long wait times. If you can fit everything you need into your fanny pack, you’re golden and your vacation will be top notch.

Your food and own snacks – Let’s face it, sometimes the food can get a little pricy in the parks. There no rules against bringing your own outside food and snacks such as granola bars, carrot sticks, bags of chips etc. As long as you don’t need to bring a cooler (which isn’t allowed anyway) you’re good to go. After all, it will be a long day of fun and adventure – you’ll want a little fuel along the way. Also if you have any dietary restrictions that may prevent you from comfortably eating the available food at the park, you can bring your own food for that reason as well.

Reusable and Refillable Water Bottles – The best way you can keep cool at Disneyland, especially in the summer, is to bring your own reusable water bottle. Fill it with ice and water and you’ll be good to go without needing to buy water bottles at the park (which can be upwards of $3.99 at time! Ouch!) Or you can just bring your own water bottles entirely and not worry bout overpriced bottles of water. No rule against that. Furthermore, if you really want to keep your water cool for extended periods of time, you can get yourself one of those hydro flasks or another thermal protecting beverage carrier. There are water fountains in the park that also allow you to fill up water bottles as well.

You can bring reusable water bottles to the Disney Parks
You can bring reusable water bottles to the Disney Parks

Nonalcoholic Beverages – Want to bring a little something other than water to the park? You can bring sodas, juice bottles, and other non alcoholic drinks as long as you don’t need to carry a cooler (which once again, is not allowed).

Ziploc Bags – If you want to bring any makeup or other small items, your best bet is to bring them in a clear Ziploc bag so security can see right through it. Furthermore if you want to bring your own outside food or snacks, you can do so with Ziploc bags.

Portable Charger or Battery Pack – This is almost a necessity at the park. From personal experience, I highly recommend you bring a portable charge or a battery pack of some sort. The cool thing about Disneyland is that you can buy these cool “Fuel Rod” portable chargers that are swappable for free when they die right there at the park. For more information those, check out our article here.

Fuel Rod Portable Charger for Disney Parks
You can bring portal battery chargers to Disneyland

READ: Phone Chargers at the Disney Parks – Fuel Rods

Cell Phone – No one leaves home without their phone and everyone brings their phone with them everywhere all the time. Luckily Disneyland doesn’t keep us in the dark with that. You are most certainly allowed to bring your cell phone to Disneyland.

Cameras – Go ahead and bring your camera! There are plenty of photo opportunities in Disneyland and what better way to take pictures than with a camera? No rule against bringing cameras to the Disney parks.

Tri-Pods that extend shorter than 6 feet – If you have a small tripod that you want to have on a table or the ground, that’s ok. Just remember that when fully collapsed, the tripod needs to be able to fit inside a standard backpack and be shorter than 6 feet when fully extended.

Glow Sticks – Glow sticks are fun, especially at night! You can bring glow sticks into the park and have fun walking around with glowing necks, wrists, arms, faces, or wherever you manage to creatively wrap those luminescent beauties around.

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Umbrellas – Sometimes it rains! When it rains, it’s best to have an umbrella with you especially if you’re outside. Umbrellas are definitely allowed at the Disney parks.

Hand Sanitizer – After everything since 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, this is given. You can most certainly bring your own hand sanitizer to the parks. If you forget to bring your own sanitizer, there are little hand sanitizer stations scattered throughout the park every 30 feet or so. You’ll be ok.

You can bring hand sanitizer to the Disney Parks
You can bring hand sanitizer to the Disney Parks

Lip Balm – Chapped lips? Not in Disneyland. Feel free to bring lip balm into Disneyland.

Trading Pins – Pin trading is one of the hallmarks of going to Disneyland! Right there in Frontierland, there are a few pin trading areas where guests come and freely trade with each other. There are also pin trading boards in many of the gift shops throughout Disneyland. Happy trading!

Sun Block – Yeah, you’ll need it – especially in the summer. It gets hot out there in August and the other summer months when the sun feels like it’s just frying your skin. Both the lotion sun block or the spray sun block are allowed at the Disney parks.

You can bring Sun Block to Disneyland
You can bring Sun Block to Disneyland

Portable Fans – Not only are portable fans allowed but they are downright essential when visiting the Disney parks in the summer. When you’re waiting in a long line in the sun, you’ll be happy that you have a little portable fan with you that can blow (relatively) cool air in your direction. You can get some really high quality and inexpensive portable fans here on Amazon.

Blankets – If you want to bring a throw blanket with you to Disneyland, that’s ok. In the winter time when you’re waiting for a parade, having that blanket will keep you nice and warm. Blankets can also be used to mark your territory when getting a spot to see a parade. As long as it’s not a king size comforter blanket, small throw blankets are totally allowed.

Backpacks – Chances are you’ll want a way to carry your belongings. If you have too many things for a fanny pack, you’re most certainly allowed a backpack. Just make sure that every pocket and compartment is accessible to security because they will want to check your bags.

During your Disneyland visit, you’ll want to make sure you’re following all of the rules. You don’t want to get up to security only to have one of the guards tell you that you can’t bring a certain item into the park. That will mean that you have to walk all the way back to your car or shuttle yourself all the way back to your hotel just to drop something off. The average Disneyland guest spends anywhere between 8 and 12 hours at the park per day so any amount of time saved will be time you get to enjoy on your Disney vacation. Furthermore, it’s best to bring what you need to the parks because if you forget something, it may be expensive too expensive for your taste to buy extra items at the park which you may not even need after you leave.

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So make sure you bookmark or save this blog post because it will be updated as new rules and regulations come out. I hope this article was helpful to you! If you are interested in other ways you can get the most out of your Disney visit, please feel free to subscribe and to browse around DisneyFinds.com because we love sharing the magical treasures of Disney.

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