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Disney gives fans an update about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure that has now replaced Splash Mountain

Today Disney has announced to us fans that the beloved Princess Tiana continues to prepare to take center stage with the brand new attraction at Disneyland called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. As many of you know already, the iconic Splash Mountain officially closed May 31, 2023 in order to make way for this change with Tiana and many fans have been divided on whether they are for or against if (or at least with who I’ve talked to). I am hopeful that this new change will be great because I am a fan of Princess and the Frog!

A New Adventure Unveiled

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to invite its guests to immerse themselves in the continued story of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen after Tiana fulfills her dream of becoming a restaurant owner. However, as with any great adventure, unexpected twists await Tiana. The narrative behind this story is that Tiana is holding a special party for her guests but she is missing a key ingredient for what she is cooking up and sets out to get it. Can’t say that it sounds fantastic with this little information that I have about it but like I said I am hopeful this will be a fun attraction.

The Magic of Music

Disney, known for its impeccable attention to detail, and I think it is so cool that they have collaborated with award-winning artists PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard to create the enchanting music that guests will encounter on this attraction. I love belting out Disney songs and I am excited to hear what the new melodies and rhythms accompanying Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be!

An Expanded Cast of Characters

In Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, guests will have the pleasure of meeting 17 new characters that have been lovingly brought to life. Join Tiana as she reunites with her wise and mystical friend Mama Odie, and groove to the jazz tunes of Louis the trumpet-playing alligator. Ray, the firefly with a heart of gold and let’s not forget Naveen and his youngest brother Ralphie, who add their own unique flair! I think it’s incredible that this all star-studded cast is lending their voices to this attraction so that fans can get a taste of New Orleans down in the bayou.

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