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Must-Watch Disney+ Shows and Movies in June 2023: Marvel Studio’s Secret Invasion, Documentary of Stan Lee, and Flamin’ Hot

Disney+ continues to captivate audiences with its content, and June 2023 is no exception. This month, us Disney fans are in for a treat with the highly anticipated Marvel Studios show Secret Invasion, the original film documentary honoring Stan Lee, and the enthralling movie Flamin’ Hot directed by Eva Longoria!

As a leading streaming service, Disney+ offers a treasure trove of entertainment whether you’re into movies, shows, documentaries or all of these! 

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Marvel Studio’s Secret Invasion Coming to Disney Plus June 21, 2023

Prepare for a thrilling adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Secret Invasion, a captivating new series starring the iconic character Nick Fury. This show takes viewers on a journey as Nick Fury, played by the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson, uncovers a secret invasion of shape-shifting Skrulls infiltrating Earth. The series promises action, suspense, and unexpected twists as it explores the complex web of deceit and the high-stakes battle to save humanity. Us Marvel fans will definitely be trying to figure out who can and can’t be trusted! Disney announced that there would only be 6 episodes so I am guessing each episode will be packed with action, puzzles to solve and leaving us on the edge of our seats with suspense!

Watch the preview of Secret Invasion Here

Marvel Studios documentary Stan Lee coming to Disney Plus June 16, 2023

Celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of the legendary comic book writer, editor, and publisher with the original film documentary Stan Lee. This captivating tribute takes viewers on a heartfelt journey, chronicling the remarkable career of Stan Lee and his immense impact on popular culture. Through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and touching anecdotes, this documentary meant to give us fans a unique glimpse into the creative genius behind some of Marvel’s most iconic characters that we all have come to love and know today. Stan Lee is a must-watch for comic book enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the power of imagination in the Marvel Universe. I can’t wait to see this already, on Thursday the 16th!

Watch the preview of Stan Lee Here

Flamin’ Hot movie released June 9, 2023 on Disney Plus and HULU

I honestly don’t know how I missed this one but let me tell you it is EXTREMELY GOOD! This movie is directed by the talented Eva Longoria. Flamin’ Hot is an enthralling movie that tells the inspiring story of Richard Montañez and his journey from a janitor at Frito-Lay to the creator of one of America’s most beloved snacks, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The film showcases Richard’s determination, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit as he overcomes obstacles and revolutionizes the snack industry. As a Mexican- American this movie hit me hard and I feel that it beautifully covered what Latinos/Hispanics have gone through or have seen our loved ones go through. I teared up many times and you will find yourself rooting for Montañez! Se puso las pilas y mi gente si se pudo! Flamin’ Hot is a feel-good movie that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted to keep going no matter what and to remind you to always believe in yourself!

Watch Eva Longoria, Jessie Garcia who plays Richard Montañez and Annie Gonzalez who plays Judy Montañez talk about this film here.

Watch the preview of Flamin’ Hot Here

With Disney+’s extensive library of content, there’s no better time to sign up and immerse yourself in the magic of Disney’s captivating shows, movies, and documentaries. In case you missed it, the Indiana Jones movies are already up on Disney Plus so be sure to catch up on those before watching Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny! Don’t miss out on the excitement – start streaming on Disney+ today!

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