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Experience the magic of San Fransokyo Square like never before at Disney California Adventure Park this summer! 

What is changing over at Disneyland California Adventure Park for San Fransokyo?

Disney has announced exciting new updates to this beloved area, starting with an array of delectable food items that will tantalize your taste buds. Lucky Fortune Cookery and the Port of San Fransokyo Cerveceria will be reopening their doors in mid-July, offering an enticing menu that showcases flavors inspired by Asian cuisine and the Big Hero 6 team. But that’s not all – Disney has more in store!

As the transformation of San Fransokyo Square continues through mid-August, guests will have the opportunity to explore additional dining options and shopping areas. You’ll be immersed in the world of Big Hero 6, as familiar locations like the Cappuccino Cart and the Bakery Tour are adorned with vibrant street art and colorful banners. Join in the celebration of the team’s victory over Yokai, also known as Robert Callaghan!

Will there be new meet and greet characters over at Disney California Adventure Park for Big Hero 6?

Yes, absolutely! One of the most anticipated attractions in this area will be the meet and greets with characters like Hiro and the lovable healthcare companion Baymax. Located at the Hamada Bot Shop, guests, like myself, are already incredibly excited to interact with these beloved characters. Details about when this will begin has not yet been released but make sure to subscribe here to get that update as soon as I have the information available!

Will there be new merchandise for Big Hero 6 over at the Disney Parks?

While details about specific merchandise has not yet been revealed, it’s likely that we can expect an array of fun and tech-inspired souvenirs related to the movie over in Disney California Adventure. I would imagine Disney would also provide some merchandise as well for Disneyland given that Baymax is featured in part of the show Wondrous Journey’s or at least I hope so!

Artis Concept Only: Image by Disney

Adjacent to the Hamada Bot Shop, you’ll find another storefront called the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market. Disney promises a treasure trove of unique apparel, homewares, and more featuring Baymax and friends. Keep an eye out for Hiro’s Megabot, which will be showcased inside the market!

For those eager to collect exclusive memorabilia, a vending machine will offer golden medallions featuring characters like Baymax and iconic images from San Fransokyo. It’s the perfect way to bring a piece of the magic home with you!

Will there be any unique food and dining experiences in San Fransokyo for Big Hero 6 over at Disney California Adventure Park?

But let’s not forget about the incredible dining experiences awaiting you. Aunt Cass Cafe, a quick-service restaurant and bakery, will delight guests with freshly-baked Boudin sourdough bread bowls filled with delectable dishes and soups inspired by Japanese cuisine. While enjoying your meal, be sure to admire the nearby mural featuring Aunt Cass’s beloved pet cat, Mochi.

Artis Concept Only: Image by Disney

If you’re in the mood for refreshing beverages, make your way to Rita’s Turbine Blenders. This stand, owned by the float wind turbine technician, offers a giant drink dispenser serving delicious margaritas and icy beverages. Keep an eye out for the impressive giant koi fish atop the stand!

Artis Concept Only: Image by Disney

And that’s not all – additional new food items will be available at Cocina Cucamonga and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. While Disney has not released specific details yet, they did mention that a Disney Eats Foodie Guide will be arriving soon, providing a full list of tantalizing treats to satisfy your cravings. If you haven’t yet already make sure to follow and subscribe here to get these details straight to your inbox as well as a FREE ebook on how to best navigate the Disney Parks! I love to cover all things Disney, including news, updates, travel tips, tricks, and merchandise so be sure to also check out my other social media platforms I am one like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!

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