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Disneyland California Adventure Park’s Pacific Wharf to be Transformed into San Fransokyo Square: Coming in Summer 2023

San Fransokyo Square arriving at Disneyland California Adventure Park

Disney announced during the D23 Expo that Disneyland California Adventure Park would be getting a new transformation of the Pacific Wharf area into the vibrant and futuristic San Fransokyo Square, which is set to debut in the summer of 2023 according to the Disney Parks Blog! This announcement has created a buzz among Disney fans and visitors, who are eagerly anticipating what this new experience will have in store for them because who doesn’t love Big Hero 6 and Baymax?!

San Fransokyo Square will offer guests a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Big Hero 6 as this area will feature colorful and modern architecture, with nods to both San Francisco and Tokyo.

What changes can I expect from the Pacific Wharf to the new San Fransokyo Square?

The Pacific Wharf area has always been a popular spot for guests to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a relaxing stroll along the water. The transformation of this area into San Fransokyo Square promises to take that experience to the next level. The new area will include exciting new dining options, as well as unique shopping experiences, and Disney has said that “outside a converted warehouse at the south end of San Fransokyo, you may have the opportunity to encounter Baymax!”

Guests can also look forward to a range of new dining options at San Fransokyo Square that highlight new Asian-inspired foods! There will also be a section called “San Fransokyo Cervecería” as Disney stated, being inspired by “tri-cultural influences with signage in English, Japanese and Spanish”. 

When will we see the new San Fransokyo Square in Disneyland California Adventure Park?

As more updates become available, this article will be updated so make sure to bookmark this for your reference! I am hopeful that it will be sooner than later and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be getting a range of merchandise inspired by Big Hero 6 this year in 2023. This transformation of the Pacific Wharf into San Fransokyo Square is an exciting development for Disneyland California Adventure Park so mark your calendars for Summer 2023 and get ready to experience this new adventure for yourself!

For now you can check out the images below that are artistic concepts for this area by Disney!

Photos from Disney Parks Blog

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