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Disney Announces New DisneyBand+ for Hands-Free Experience on Select Cruises: Is it worth it? Let’s Talk About the Pros & Cons !

What does the DisneyBand+ do?

Disney recently has just announced a new product called the DisneyBand+, which will be available for use on select Disney Cruises starting this summer. The DisneyBand+ is a waterproof wristband that enables guests to have a hands-free experience during their cruise to unlock their stateroom door onboard, link photos, and charge for treats or other merchandise to their payment card on file with a tap of their wrist.

What are the pros to purchasing a DisneyBand+?

One of the biggest highlights for the DisneyBand+ is the ease of convenience. The DisneyBand+  is waterproof so it can be used while snorkeling at locations like Disney’s Castaway Cay or when going on the AquaMouse! and not having to worry about carrying a card or room key can be attractive features to some guests. 

In addition to these features, children ages 3 and up can also use their bands instead of getting the simple Oceaneer Club Band to access kids’ clubs while onboard and Scuttle’s Cove at Castaway Cay.

Of course, like any new product, there are pros and cons. One of the biggest pros is the convenience and streamlined experience as previously mentioned (e.g., guests no longer having to carry around their room key or credit card, and having no fear of damage to it since it’s waterproof and child friendly). 

What are some cons associated with purchasing a DisneyBand+?

However, some guests may be concerned about the cost of the DisneyBand+. While pricing has not been officially announced, similar products in other theme parks for the Disney MagicBand+  will vary depending on the design and model of the band. The lowest cost I have seen a MagicBand+ has been $29.99 and the highest being $64.99 not including taxes. Of course if you happen to be a magic key holder you will be able to apply your discount. You can purchase the MagicBand+ at a variety of locations including online, in the parks or in Downtown Disney inside of stores like World of Disney.

According to Disney “Only MagicBand+ is supported at Disneyland Resort and MagicBand and MagicBand 2 are not supported at Disneyland Resort at this time and cannot be linked to the Disneyland app.”

Another concern for guests with purchasing this optional add on is worry that their children may lose or damage the band, given its cost which could result in extra fees or inconvenience during the cruise. So in reality the choice is up to you to determine if you believe this will be suited for your needs and that of your family.

How can I purchase a DisneyBand+ if I think it’s worth it?

The DisneyBand+ is not yet available for purchase at this time. However Disney has stated that guests on select cruises like the Disney Wish who are set to sail in Summer 2023 will have an opportunity to place an order online by going to the section listed as “My Reservations between 11 and 45 days of their sail date, if their reservation is paid in full (while supplies last)”.  There will be limited selections for these bands if you are hoping to snag yours while on board as it is while supplies last.

Is the MagicBand+ worth it?

As someone who visits the Disney Parks regularly I do find the MagicBand+ to be worth it. I get into the parks quickly with the scan and it saves my battery on my phone from being drained as quickly. The light up features are cute whenever I pass by certain attractions but are not enough for me to have bought it. This MagicBand+ can also be used to do Bounty Hunting in Batuu over at Galaxy’s Edge but to be honest I have not seen too many people using this feature. I hope in time the technology does advance enough for us to use it for purchasing items in the parks or to use for in Disney Hotels in Anaheim. 

How can I start planning a Disney Vacation?

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