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Disney Tumbler on Amazon – perfect for Disneyland!

If you are anything like me, coffee in the morning is a must and as the day goes on you find yourself needing that daily dose of water to stay hydrated. Taking care of these needs is pretty simple when you are home, but what do you do when you are traveling to the Disney Parks and want/need both but don’t want to spend a fortune on them? Not to fear, I have found the answer for you here on Disney Finds! It’s the perfect Disney Tumbler on Amazon!

I purchased this Disney Tumbler on Amazon and tested it out for both work purposes and travel at the Disney Parks and let me tell you it did not disappoint. This particular tumbler is 24 ounces, is made of stainless steel and is meant for use for BOTH HOT & COLD drinks! And of course, it is Disney themed and comes in a variety of Disney designs.

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It comes with two options for the lids depending on your use for the hot or cold drink. Yesterday, I went to the Disneyland Park in Anaheim CA and I took the hot beverage lid as I wanted to make sure nothing would spill when I would get on the rides.

I started my day at Disneyland at around 7:40 am and stayed closer to the park closing and my water stayed cool the entire time! [Pro tip: Request from restaurants water to go and refill your tumbler with it to save money on water or simply use the water at the refillable stations.] I prefer the restaurants though because they often have ice in their water which helps to keep it colder throughout your visit.

It is pretty light but I recommend you take a backpack with you to store it, this way you are hands free and ready to explore the magic of Disney and make those fun and precious memories. 

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As for how this tumbler performs with heat, it is also FANTASTIC! I start my days pretty early and often I do not have the luxury to slowly sip and enjoy my coffee as I would like and when left unattended, I would have to reheat it. With this tumbler, I never have to worry about my coffee being cold! Be careful though when using it for hot beverages because it’s deceiving!

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