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Disney Magic Key Passes Update 2023: What You Need to Know

Magic keys no longer on sale

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the chance to purchase a Disney Magic Key pass, you’re not alone. Disney fans from all over have been waiting in anticipation for the opportunity to unlock the magic of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. However, we regret to inform you that as of now, there are no current Magic Key passes available for purchase, leaving many Disney enthusiasts feeling disheartened.


Are Magic Key Passes Still Available for Purchase?

Disney quietly released a statement on their website, without any announcements on any of their social media platforms, explaining the current situation: “We have currently paused new sales of Magic Key passes.” 

Disney went on to say that “at this time, current Magic Key holders have the opportunity—during their renewal window (currently up to 30 days prior to the pass expiration date)—to renew into a pass made available within the program. The quantity of passes and pass types available for renewal or purchase may be limited, and passes or a pass type may be unavailable from time to time or at any given time, or available only for renewal.”

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For a while, the only remaining tier available for purchase was the Inspire Key, priced at $1,599. Payment installments for this tier were exclusively available to California residents, making it a steep price point for most guests.

When will Magic Key Passes be available again?

As of now, Disney has not provided further details regarding when Magic Key sales will resume or if they will become available again. I believe that once the renewal periods for previous Magic Key holders pass then Disney will reassess how they will want to advertise magic key being available for purchase again. The timing of the  magic key passes going back on sale may depend on the number of guests opting to renew or discontinue their passes, which could mean they may return during the holiday season or into the new year if you’re looking at this from an optimistic stand point. However, I suspect that instead of Magic Key passes, we might see more Southern California resident tickets being offered sooner, driven by public demand and the more budget-friendly price point for future dates into the next year.

From my perspective as a Disney fan and frequent park visitor, I have heard many people wanting a pass a Magic Key pass, and the popularity and demand is there; I think it’s more a question of whether there is capacity because the Disneyland Resort is much smaller in comparison to its other Disney Parks around the world. With the challenges of our everyday lives, Disney offers a place to escape into magic and fantasy, even if it’s just for a moment. Many people dream of visiting, but the price point can be a major concern. So for those of you who have missed out on Magic Key sales, trust me when I say that there are still ways to visit the happiest place on Earth without breaking your bank.

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