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Disneyland Resort Ticket Prices Increase: Secure the Lowest Prices Now!

Magic Key Prices and Disneyland Ticket Prices are Increasing

The magic of Disneyland Resort is a dream come true for countless visitors but today ABC7 has announced that ticket prices for Disneyland are on the rise!


These price adjustments, as stated by ABC7, go into effect starting this Wednesday. This means that Disney fans planning a visit should be prepared for increased costs associated with general admission tickets, Magic Key passes, and many services like the Disney Genie+ and parking.

Disney Ticket Price Increases: A Predictable Trend

Historically, Disneyland and other theme parks have consistently raised their ticket prices, usually once every year. This pattern reflects the increasing demand for the magic of Disney. Everyone is looking for ways to increase fun and enjoy varying levels of entertainment. With the latest price adjustments, it’s essential for guests like you to stay informed and make the most of your Disney experience while securing the best prices possible which is why I am glad you’re here so I can help! I am not a big fan of paying more either!

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Price Adjustments for general admission Disney tickets, Magic Key Passes, Parking at Disney and Disney Genie Plus 

Disney tickets- General AdmissionAccording to ABC7 news, Disneyland Resort has increased the prices for general admission tickets, Magic Key passes, and other services like the Disney Genie+ and parking.

Magic Key Passes – The Enchant Magic Key pass was previously $699 and saw a price increase of $150 to the new total of $849.

The Believe Magic Key pass was previously $1,099 and also saw an increase of $150 from the previous price of $1,249.

The Inspire Magic Key pass was $1599, the most expensive, also saw a $50 increase for a total of $1,649.

The Imagine Magic Key pass was $499 and appears to remain the same but is by far the least expensive and only open to those who are residents of Southern California within a specified zip code!

My chat dialogue with a Disney Cast Member explaining that the new prices go into effect for everyone renewing their Magic Key

Disney Parking – For regular parking, guests will now pay an additional $5, making it a total of $35 per visit. If you’re considering preferred parking, the cost is now $55, unless you hold the highest-tier Magic Key pass (Inspire), which includes parking.

Disney Genie Plus – When the Disney Genie Plus was introduced at the Disneyland Resort the price was listed at $15 per day per person back in October of 2021. It then increased to $20 per day per person sometimes back in October of 2022. Currently the price is up to $55 per day per person with prices fluctuating depending!

You can still get the Disney Genie+ for $25 through Get Away Today if you get it before October 23rd, 2023.

Disney’s Reported Efforts to Enhance Guest Experiences

Disney made a statement that they are continuing to work on investing in improving the guests’ experiences and this comes hand in hand with other announcements they’ve made this year. For example, with them announcing additions like “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” coming in 2024 and a “grounds expansion and retail shop for the Haunted Mansion.

It appears that Disney is also making attempts to entice guests with offering other perks/benefits by adding attractions like Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway and the Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure access to the Genie+ service starting next month.

Personally I don’t see this being a perk! Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princesses so naturally I go to her attraction over in Disney California Adventure Park and let me tell you I hardly ever have a long wait time. I can understand Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway because many guests aren’t interested in paying an additional a la carte fee separate from the Disney Genie plus.

Disneyland Forward Project in Anaheim Disney has been making attempts to invest in the future of Disneyland with their “Disneyland Forward” project. The aim of this project is to expand and enhance their existing property. However it is important to note that this project has not been approved by the city and meetings are being held with the residents of Anaheim as an approval would then lead to many change/construction. If it gets approved we wouldn’t see the park expand until many years later an would like also mean another price increase!

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